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"Liz can transform a huge room or a tiny space from ho-hum to WOW! I strongly recommend her if you are looking for the brightest and best in color selection, scale composition, and arrangements. She is off the charts talented when it comes to integrating your current furnishings and adding new. She suggested I paint an old console table instead of buying a new one. Not only is it my favorite piece in my renovated office but she saved me thousands of dollars. Her response time is incredible. She is creative, passionate, smart, and really keeps an eye on the bottom line."-K.B. in Atlanta

"I am so grateful for Liz's help at Elizabeth Godwin Interiors. Her organization and attention to detail are invaluable! She took the time to understand our style and taste and was able to quickly suggest design ideas for our house that we would have labored over endlessly. Her experience and exquisite taste produce beautiful and cohesive spaces, that are both interesting and livable. She is a joy to work with and an absolute asset for turning your house into a home!"- B.S. in Atlanta

"Liz brings calm to everything she does! My husband and I have so enjoyed our experience with her. She has timeless taste--is great at blending modern touches with older, more traditional looks, and is super easy to work with. I truly feel like our house is more at peace with itself after she helped us--and she is great at working with husbands and wives who have differing opinions too!! I would highly recommend Liz Godwin Interiors!"- C.M. in Atlanta

"I have always admired Liz's style, and so even though I live in Connecticut and she is based in Atlanta, I definitely wanted her to help decorate our new house. I didn't realize our new home even needed paint, but after her suggestions were implemented, we were in awe at what a difference it made! For furniture, she suggested we make a Pinterest board so she could get a sense of our style, and she was spot on with her recommendations. She provided us various options with different price points, and provided suggestions for what was worth investing in and what wasn't. My husband and I have finished three rooms so far and love each room! She has a way of understanding what colors and shapes work, and we feel so happy every time we come home! She is also quick in her response to emails. We look forward to working with her as we continue to finish decorating our new home." S.T. in Fairfield, CT

"Liz helped turn my first house into a home. Her keen eye and attention to detail brought all my hopes for my first house into fruition. Her style manages to be both on trend and timeless at the same time. Liz paid attention to my desires and style and gave me exactly what I wanted! She is very professional and easy to work with." A.H. in Charlotte, NC

"I highly recommend Liz Godwin for any interior design project. She has a great, classic style and impeccable taste but is also extremely practical and resourceful. In particular, she understands the realities of decorating a home for a family with young children, and she easily distinguishes pieces worthy of investment from replaceable basics. She has helped us with everything from paint colors to furniture to light fixtures and rugs, and we have been happy with everything she has recommended. She has broad industry knowledge and is very responsive and decisive, which is so refreshing and appreciated. Last but not least, Liz is a pleasure to work with, easy going and accommodating. I never want to make an interior design decision without first consulting Liz!" M.H.  in Atlanta

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